Whelin’s Story

I met Whelin in November 2005. At that time he was 13 months old with a record!!

He came from New York City along with his nine brothers and sisters to a home in Canaan, CT. All of the siblings were adopted except for Whelin and his brother Harley. For a year they lived their days running rampant through the yards of Canaan and at night ate and slept comfortably with their guardians. But after many trips to the pound for being loose, they were surrendered to the Little Guild of St. Francis. Having lost my two dogs recently to a separation, I was looking for a companion, and once I met Whelin I knew we were a match. Turns out to be more of an issue of fate than I knew. Whelin gave me a reason to stay focused, and it turns out that I have been able to help him as well. We both needed to treat ourselves homeopathically, who would have thought he needed remedies like me???? Thanks to Whelin I was rescued from some lonely times and in return I was there to rescue him from his unfortunate demise.

Everything has a reason.

Ours was a rescue for two.