Trigger’s Story

Ch. Hollycrofts Hair Trigger was a singleton puppy that came into my life in 1993. At the time, I had been breeding Rottweilers for about 8 years and I knew this dog was different the moment we met. Over the years, Trigger’s reputation at dog shows preceded her arrival; she never missed a step or misbehaved in the ring, but she could for some reason clear a room when she entered. There were judges that would examine her from a distance but would not touch her, even as she stood perfectly for her handler. She had a power and self assurance about her that is rarely seen and many a seasoned dog fancier was disarmed by her mere presence. She became nationally recognized for her “look” and her breed type.

Trigger was presented to Dr. Anne Hermans at eight years old. She had received two rabies shots in a 12 month period (her annual vaccine and another 6 months later because of an altercation with coyotes). Several months after her second vaccine, symptoms of gastric illness appeared. She rapidly lost weight and her bloodwork was that of a dog that was dying. Refusing to give up, I brought her to Anne. She immediately recognized the issue at hand. She told me this was an autoimmune response to the vaccines. She also recognized the unique relationship between Trigger and myself and incorporated that into the healing process, I remember her telling me at one point to sleep on the floor with her if I felt she needed it. Anne knew that I was in touch with the dog’s life force and several times my relationship with Trigger had to carry her through while Anne played tag with a disease that moved around Trigger’s body, at one point invading her nervous system and leaving her paralyzed.

Trigger recovered fully. Her bloodwork after treatment showed a healthy, vibrant dog. My hometown veterinarian was amazed and applauded Anne’s treatment.

In 2003, I was hospitalized for three days. A friend who cared for my animals told me that Trigger would not eat. I knew in my heart that she was nearing her end and that my absence had taxed her now fragile life force. With Anne’s guidance, Trigger and I lived her last days to their full potential. I knew when her day came and I took her to my local vet to say goodbye. Although she had to be carried into the office, she flatly refused to sit or lie down. She met her end like she met everything and everyone in her life, on her feet and ready for the task at hand. She stood stoic and cooperative as I tried to find a way to say goodbye to the greatest animal I have ever known. I thank Dr. Anne Hermans for giving me three wonderful years that I would not have had with Trigger and for introducing me to the wonderful ways of veterinary homeopathy.

Tracy Cavaciuti, Hollycroft