Pepper’s Story

Pepper visited Dr. Hermans at 8 weeks old to plan out his vaccination schedule. He started on a raw food diet and Prozyme at that time. At age 11, the vaccinations plan has worked out perfectly since he has had no additional vaccines except for Rabies during that time. I had titers done at ages 5 and 10 and his resistance is still high. Really makes you think about how over vaccinated our animals are! He also has continued with Bravo raw food and until recently remains as energetic as he was as a puppy.

Pepper is a wonderful companion. He is the most loving, affectionate dog our family has owned. Miniature schnauzers are often high strung and Pepper is no exception. Dr. Hermans and her special remedies have helped reduce Pepper’s anxiety many times over the years.

Dr. Hermans has also treated Pepper twice for Lyme disease. The first time, Pepper was treated homeopathically immediately and the Lyme resolved quickly. The second episode, we tried antibiotics first but Pepper could not tolerate them and was getting much weaker so we went the homeopathic route once again and he responded to treatment rapidly and completely.

Unfortunately, in September 2014, after a summer of vague symptoms, Pepper was diagnosed as having a tumor in his intestine and prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is rare in dogs and is quite aggressive. We made the decision not to have our dear friend suffer the side effects of chemotherapy to treat a cancer that has a very low survival rate with or without chemotherapy. Using supplements and homeopathic remedies, Pepper is still going strong in April. He has not lost any weight, some days he has less energy but on other days he acts like a puppy. We are grateful for the quality time that homeopathic medicine has given us with Pepper.