Lilly’s Story

My name is Lilly, or Princess Lillinonah of the Weantinock Indians, to be exact. My mother adopted me from HELP for Pets in 2002. I had been roaming the streets of Bethel until I was rescued by my mother. She recognized that I was royalty right away—I was the mirror image of her best friend, Darwin, who had just died. When you live on the streets, you usually have health issues. I had worms and a very bad cold. After being quarantined from my new family (4 cat brothers and sisters, a bird and two bunnies), my mother took me to Dr. Hermans. Dr. Hermans put me on a remedy to coax my immune system back to life. Once I was feeling better, I was able to play with my new family. I soon learned how to make their lives miserable. Poor bunnies—they didn’t know what hit them.

I taught my mother how to play Q-tip baseball. I run into the outfield to catch Q-tips with my bare paws!!! Then, I bring them back to her for a new toss. When my mother is ignoring my need for attention, I fetch Q-tips and leave a pile of them by her feet. This technique is especially helpful when she is either on the phone or on the computer.

I went into early heat. I really drove everyone in the house crazy with my screaming wails for love. Pete—my eldest brother—knew exactly how to help me, but my mother put the kaibosh on our activities. She said she wasn’t about to run a “cat house.” She called Dr. Anne ASAP, and I mean, ASAP. I got dosed with another remedy that immediately destroyed my longings. Repeated doses of this remedy worked until I went to the allopathic vet to be turned into a royal eunuch.

I’m currently being treated with a lot of new supplements. I have a congenital heart murmur. My mother is worried, but I know that with Dr. Hermans’ supervision and my mother’s meticulous care, I will live the rest of my 9 busy lives. After all, I have a lot of goals to accomplish in my house: I have to keep the birds in line by occasionally climbing over the moat and castle walls my mother has constructed around the cage to swat at them. The bunny needs help too–he lost his partner of 5 years and I have to give him some swats and licks.


Princess Lil

So, that’s my story.