Ginger’s Story

I adopted Ginny from a rescue group out of state. She was a feral cat without much hope for a bright future. Ginny came to me very fearful and so sick with parasites that I rushed her to the vet late the next evening fearing I would lose her. Originally she needed allopathic treatment because of how advanced her parasites were, but as soon as she began to get well we began to treat her with homeopathy and a homemade raw-based diet.

The difference in Ginny was nothing short of a miracle. Her eyes began to shine and her listless dry coat became as soft as silk. Every day she seemed to gain more confidence. I have seen this happen before in another cat we treated with homeopathy and the change it makes in them is unbelievable. Ginny began to look for me and even follow me around the house. She is the grandmother of all my cats, even though she is not the oldest, and always seems to want to take care of everybody. Her favorite pastime is helping with the laundry and hiding her mouse toys in the clothes as I struggle to fold them. She cuddles with me at night and all I have to do is look at her and she begins to purr. For this feral cat to overcome her fear of people and become so healthy and loving just shows what a lot of love, homeopathy and an all-natural diet will do for our kitties.

Dr. Anne has opened my eyes to a whole new life-style not only for my cats and dogs but also for my human family. I am truly blessed to have discovered her and the world of homeopathy!