Cricket, Piper, & Rory

“Cricket, ” “Piper” and “Rory” just celebrated “Rory’s” second birthday. All are happy and healthy thanks to Dr. Hermans and homeopathy. We started with Dr. Hermans when “Cricket” was one. She is now seven going on eight. She had chronic ear infections that would just not go away with conventional treatment. Not having been fully satisfied with conventional treatment with my first golden, “Ben,” I decided to go the alternative route. I have found all my experiences with Dr. Hermans and homeopathy to be wonderful. From day one, she made both me and my dogs feel very comfortable. She looks at the dog as a whole, not just one symptom. Within a year we had “Cricket’s” ears under control. She has not had a single ear infection since, and she is a golden that is swims nonstop from March to November. When “Cricket” was two she was bitten by a Copper Head snake. We thought she might lose all function of her tongue—where the bites were. Again, with homeopathy, the function of “Cricket’s” tongue was restored. Today, you can still see the bite marks, but her tongue is functioning well. Thank you Dr. Hermans.

“Piper” started with Dr. Hermans from day one. When she was around one she developed a severe case of Lyme disease. The Lyme settled in her eyes, and at one point I was told by an eye specialist that if I did not put her steroids she would go blind. Dr. Hermans told me not to worry, and that Lyme can affect any part of the body and eyes are just one of them. She has never been on steroids and is the picture of health thanks to homeopathy. If it was not for Dr. Hermans, this dog would have been put on steroids for the rest of her life.

“Rory” also started with Dr. Hermans from day one. This wonderful dog has not been without problems. As a puppy, he had severe gastrointestinal problems, and later, he too developed a severe case of Lyme disease. At one point it was so bad that he was unable to stand up or walk. “Rory” also had a severe reaction to his rabies vaccine. Dr. Hermans helped us get thru his bad reaction. Today he is also a picture of health and just a fun dog to be with. If it were not for Dr. Hermans and homeopathy, “Rory” might not be the health happy-go-lucky dog that he is today.

“Cricket,” “Piper,” and “Rory” all want to thank Dr. Hermans for everything she does for them. They want to tell everyone that she is the best! Try homeopathy. You will not be sorry you did. Thank you Dr. Hermans!