Danni’s Story

I think about these last two years often, and about how difficult it has been dealing with this awful disease. Then I think about how lucky, lucky, lucky we have been to have found Dr. Hermans, who has gotten Danni into such a stable place. There were many, many times I was sure we would never see Danni as a normal dog again, or worse. It makes me overwhelmingly glad, and sometimes sad, thinking that there are so many who might have this good fortune we have had, and most do not know it even exists.

First you have to understand who Danni is. She is a very beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog who absolutely loves her family, canine sisters, feline friends and of course her humans. But Danni loves more than just that—she loves everyone. She loves Dr. Hermans and all my friends, and if she met you, she would love you too! She is a dog that is full of life and is constantly happy. From the onset of her problems, starting when she was 4 years old, she has never stopped smiling or wagging her tail. She is a joyous, fun girl that is always great to be around. Although we have had many, many pets here in the last 23 years, this has been, by far, the most monumental health issue we’ve ever faced.

Danni’s problem is that she has a condition called Lymphangectasia. Simply put, she cannot digest most food. She started with diarrhea in August of 2006, and rapidly lost nearly 30 of her 90 lbs. It was weeks before a diagnosis was even made, and her condition deteriorated rapidly. With the help of her regular vet, a nutritionist, and a few Berner enthusiasts, we were able to maintain her for a year with medications, a special home cooked diet and supplements. However, her diarrhea did not stay under control, and with the high dose of prednisone she took daily, I knew it would not be long before she lost the battle with this nasty disease.

We had our first visit with Dr. Hermans almost exactly a year after her diagnosis. Our regular vet told us that there was nothing else that could be done, and that we were going to lose her in a matter of weeks. Dr. Hermans was recommended to me by 3 or 4 different parties, and we were very fortunate to get on the waiting list for our last and only chance. We knew it would be a long road, with no guarantees, with a lot of ups and downs, but here she sits! Happy as can be, she is more full of life than ever, and now she can even have cookies and treats – her most favorite thing in the entire universe! A remarkable story for anyone that knows her, and we are truly grateful she is still here.

She is healthy, hungry, happy & home.

We have since had the priviledge of Dr. Hermans outstanding care for several of our other treasured pets. From cancer and muscular/skeletal problems to seizures, she has treated them all with the best care that we could ever have hoped for.

We love you Dr. H. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!