Bubba’s Story

We met Bubba at a local cattery when he was two years old. He cocked his head, reached out a paw and we were smitten by this affectionate, engaging cat. We had come with the intention of buying a Burmese kitten, but also wanted an adult cat to keep it company. Bubba, who had been a Grand Champion in his show career, was being used for breeding. However, confined to a cage and skittish around females in heat, he had not taken to the life of a stud and his health had begun to deteriorate. He started losing weight and licking his fur off. Being a Bombay, a breed known for their shiny, black coats, this was especially distressing.

His owners were sad to see him go but, having his best interests at heart, felt that neutering and a life as a pet would turn him around. After we adopted him, he gained weight, but his scratching and over grooming continued. Over the next year, we consulted three different vets and found that the conventional treatment for his condition was an injection of cortisone. Like magic his symptoms disappeared, Bubba calmed down and his fur returned. But within 6 to 8 weeks, the cortisone wore off and the vicious cycle began again because only the symptoms were being treated, not the cause. Finally, after we returned for yet another shot, our local vet warned us that repeated injections of cortisone were harmful to the cat’s health.

He then recommended Dr. Hermans who had successfully treated skin problems through homeopathy. Under her supervision, we began giving Bubba homeopathic remedies and switched him to a raw meat diet. The remedies were gentle, had no harmful side effects and triggered his body’s natural healing response. Gradually his symptoms disappeared and now he has a thick, glossy coat and a healthy weight. As he is no longer tormented by itching skin, his temperament has also improved and his playful spirit and energy are evident. We feel so fortunate to have found Dr. Hermans whose caring guidance and holistic approach restored Bubba’s health.