Bodhi’s Story

A litter of five little puppies was found under a bridge in Arkansas. Abandoned, malnourished and covered with mange, only three survived. They received conventional veterinary care and poor quality kibble while in a foster home. At three months of age they came to Connecticut through rescue helpers. Our puppy thankfully licked my face the first time I held him, so we adopted him and brought him home to our four cats (their opinion is not fit to be printed, yet).

Dr. Hermans, our trusted veterinarian of twelve years, was consulted right away and a homeopathic remedy prescribed. Within one week the itching stopped and his poor coat started to improve. He also receives a healthy raw diet with natural supplements. He is of excellent health now, with a thick, shiny coat and a very sweet personality. Oh, and he finally got a name: Bodhi, as in Bodhisattva, but his middle name is ‘Trouble’.

Animals are our great teachers. We have learned so much about Homeopathy, with Dr. Hermans’ help, and now our entire family enjoys this natural and gentle healing art.