April’s Story

April came to us in a very special way and it certainly felt as though she found us! We had our name on a breeder’s list for another Golden Retriever puppy when we found out that a four month old Golden was at our local shelter. The director found out about us and felt we could provide a great home for the puppy and held her for us until we could come see her later in the week. When we found out that the director had named the puppy April, we knew she was meant for us, as that was the name we were planning to use for our new puppy from the breeder (we also brought April home on the last day of the month of April, so that made it extra special too).

Shortly after getting April home, we made a well-puppy visit to Dr. Hermans, who had seen our aged Golden, Celia, for several years before her passing. We had come to rely on Dr. Hermans for her expertise in holistic pet care, as well as her specialty in homeopathy, and we seized the chance to get April off to a good start right from the beginning. We discussed her diet and how to deal with traditional veterinary visits when vaccinations and heart worm would be recommended. She discussed ways we could take an informed approach to be sure April was not given any unnecessary chemicals.

Dr. Hermans is a God-send for us and we periodically e-mail her or call her with questions as we try to give the best care to our beloved April. We have been impressed by Dr. Hermans’ warmth and caring as she has guided us with both of our pets and we so appreciate being able to contact her for her holistic perspective given that is the way we live ourselves, and the way we want to raise our pets