Frequently Asked Questions

Will my pet really get better? How long will it take?
True healing and repair take time and can be guided, but not rushed. Think of how long it takes to heal a broken bone; now consider the ways in which your pet may have to rebuild tissues, restore normal function. How long it takes to get better and the ability to do so vary from patient to patient, even between patients with the same diagnosis, because each patient is an individual.

Can homeopathic remedies make my pet sick?
Not like regular drugs. Remedies can make your pet sick only if they are given way too often or in the wrong way. They do not cause side effects like other drugs, so are safe in any stage of life, including pregnancy and nursing.

Why can’t I continue to give my pet the drugs I’ve always given, and homeopathic remedies too?
Because it can be very confusing to have differently acting medications given at the same time. Most regular drugs are aimed at taking the edge off symptoms temporarily (palliation) or making the body unable to react symptomatically for a long period of time (suppression). Remedies can be used in these ways too, but administered curatively, they will stimulate the body’s healing reaction, not palliate or suppress. If your pet is currently on medications you will be guided, when appropriate, in their gradual discontinuation as we begin homeopathic treatment.

Are herbs the same as homeopathy?
Herbs in the form of a capsule, powder, or tincture are in medicinal amounts and are usually taken instead of conventional drugs. While many homeopathic remedies are made from herbs and other plants, these remedies are prepared and prescribed according to homeopathic principles.

I’ve heard that with homeopathy, “it gets worse before it gets better.” Is this true?
It can look that way at the start. During the initial phase of healing, sometimes symptoms (for example runny eyes or itching) are slightly more intense for a brief period of time, usually only a few hours or days. This is often described as the “healing crisis.” A healing crisis is short-lived and not bothersome. Symptoms can also intensify for other reasons and a trained homeopath can tell why.

Homeopathy is based on the principle that “like cures like.” What does this mean?
The most effective remedy is the one whose proven symptoms are most like your sick pet’s symptoms. This remedy will act like a wake-up call and arouse your pet’s own healing ability.