Personal Statement

What led me to homeopathy

After practicing conventional veterinary medicine for eight years,  I sought more tools with which to treat chronic deep-seated illness. I wondered why some patients just kept getting sick, in spite of repeated courses of stronger and stronger medicine. I also became convinced that more and more animals are developing serious disease earlier in life.

In the search to expand my approach to healing, I discovered the art and science of homeopathy. It has allowed me to help my patients in new ways.

What homeopathy can do

Homeopathy is a time-honored method of healing acute and chronic disease. Homeopathy is appropriate for patients that get the same problems over and over, have undesirable side effects to conventional medicines, suffer illnesses for which there is no well-recognized traditional treatment, or are in sub-optimal health.

Homeopathy can also resolve minor problems before they become chronic or more serious. Carefully prescribed single homeopathic remedies gently stimulate and guide the body’s own healing powers. With good nutritional support, homeopathy can effect healing at the deepest level possible for a lasting cure.

Dr. Anne C. Hermans